On-Air Staff

Steve Goddard

Saturday Mornings from 6-9 on KOOL 105, Steve opens the vault on another spotlight artist complete with their music and story. Steve knows everyone and everything when it comes to great Oldies! He is one of America’s best on-air personalities and it definitely shows. Steve’s collection numbers nearly 100,000 records. Many of them are unreleased studio recordings. He shares it all with you, each weekend on Goddard’s Gold!

Casey Kasem

The legendary American Top 40 countdown airs every Every Sunday 9 til Noon + 6-10pm on KOOL 105, taking you back to the charts of the 70’s & 80’s when the iconic radio program, and Casey himself, were becoming the things of legend!

Chaz Mixon

A 35 year radio vet, Chaz has been there done that as far as different radio formats. Right out of high school he sunk his teeth into college radio and quickly moved on to the legendary KZEW working in research, promotions, on air and music programming. Then moved on to classic rock, smooth jazz and unforgettable favorites.  Chaz now brings you Casper’s Greatest Hit’s on KOOL 105 each weekend!

Chuck Denver

By the age of 25 Chuck was headed to his first radio gig in Knob Noster, Mo in June of 1983. Yup, there really is such a place! It’s where Whiteman AFB is located. Chuck soon made the jump to an FM country station in Des Moines, IA. After about 4 years it was off to Omaha, NE where he worked at KGOR and KFAB for 12 years. . Chuck has also done voice work for companies like Boeing, ESPN, WEST Corp., Dunkin Donuts, Publix, Good Neighbor Pharmacies and others all over the country.  Now Mid-Days on KOOL 105, Chuck is a big reason at work listening in Casper is significantly higher than the national average!


Rick Burton

When Rick is not playing radio, he enjoys spending time with his wife Brenda and son Travis. Rick is an avid guitar player and can be found many nights playing with his band “Stone Cold Sweat”. You can hear Rick playing Casper’s Greatest Hits every night on KOOL 105.


Jeff DeWeese

His first real job, after cutting yards, babysitting and delivering newspapers; was in radio. After working with some friends in a underground radio station for a few years (underground because it was in the basement of his friend’s home…and, it was running a little more power than allowed by law), he rode his bike (before he could drive) to the nearest radio station that he could find and applied for a weekend announcer position.  Jeff keeps Casper’s Greatest Hits flowing weekday afternoons on KOOL 105.